Thursday, 8 January 2009

We Three Kings

Today's piece of Beastie Boys influenced art is by Chris Roth and it's one of the most unique and original pieces out there. This is stained glass and there is just so much sense to it. Check out what Chris had to say for himself when I asked him what influenced him to make this:

"I've been a HUGE fan of the Beastie Boys since I was about 11. I wanted to somehow showcase in the piece that these three fellows were right there at the birth of Hip Hop and haven't, like so many other acts, faded away with time. The motif of "The Three Kings" worked perfectly, as they are "three Jews from the east" and there is something just so wrong (and awesome) about those early Beasties hanging out with the virgin Mary. The piece was constructed using traditional painted stained glass techniques. A design is finalized, all the pieces are cut from glass, pigment is applied, and the pieces get cooked in a kiln at 1300 degrees F before assembly.

I like the Beastie Boys for a number of reasons: their music, their longevity, their creativity, their positive messages, their efforts to free Tibet.

Favorite BB song... too hard to say..."

So that leaves it up to me to put the 'B' in B-Boy, I'm going to pick the track. I'm going to choose 'Paul Revere', a much sampled/rehashed/quoted Beasties track that tells an imaginary tale of how the boys all met:

and here's a track sample in 'Paul Revere': 'I Like Funky Music' by Uncle Louie

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