Friday, 9 January 2009

Boombox Bonaparte

Today's offering of Beastie Boys art comes from Jason D'aquino. Here he is in his own words talking about his awesome illustration in a somewhat 'novel' location:

"I wanted to render an old school shoulder-fire boombox - a "ghetto-blaster" as we called them. I just needed the right surface, and when i dug up the little Napolean Bonaparte book, that was it. Perfect.

The Beastie Boys kick some serious ass. I mostly enjoy all the pop culture references they make. Anyone who drops Abe Vigoda is OK by me.

'Egg Man' [is my favourite Beastie Boys track], it makes me laugh everytime. It's hard to rank B-Boy songs though. I run a tattoo shop, so I play albums straight through. Any album that isn't good enough to play all the way front to back gets shelved-yanked from rotation. So I don't rank songs so much as albums. 'Paul's Boutique' is probably tops for me."

'Paul's Boutique' is an excellent album, possibly their best, but I'm not in the habit of posting whole albums. Here's 'Egg Man' (off that album) on it's own (well, accompanied by a chopped and screwed remix - crazy kids!):

Beastie Boys - 'Egg Man'
Beastie Boys - 'Egg Man' (C&S)

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