Tuesday, 6 January 2009

'Audio Revolution' - K-Delight (album review)

‘Audio Revolution’ is one of the most Hip Hop records made in 2008. It’s got samples plundered from anywhere and everywhere, scratching, production and MCing – probably was breaking and graffiti going on in the studio whilst it was being made. It’s a revolution in the sense that the wheel (of steel) has revolved back round to its original position – Hip Hop’s state at birth.

‘Audio Revolution’ is what any forward-thinking, backward-saluting DJ should be doing right now – it reminds me of Grandmaster Flash at the same time as etching that ‘Freshhhhh’ motif into my mind with a new meaning.

The album kicks off with the sample “My brief was; I could use any sound I wanted”, closely followed by “I can play anything that I wanna play” on the title track – trust me, K-Delight does not stray from the mark. Things never get boring – new basslines and melodies enter and exit the mix, keeping even the most ADD-est kid enthralled.

The MCs add icing to a perfectly delicious cake, but it’s not really them that steal the show – another sign of its nod to its origins. Lewis Parker’s Star Wars themed ‘Return of the Jedis’ is interesting and Koaste’s futuristically retro, stripped back ‘Teenagers From Outer Space’ is a party track made for astronauts. Skitz the Gemini and Shinobi Stalin provide just the right amount of rhymes on title track ‘Audio Revolution’ and Evil Ed produced funkster ‘Forever Hip Hop’. ‘Scratch Club’ features guests of another kind: DJs, more than 9 in all – they all have a go at wrecking the records – turntablism fans should be satisfied.

This CD should be considered synonymous with Hip Hop therefore, if you’re on my blog, you shouldn’t be, you should be on your favourite online outlet for dope Hip Hop coughing up for this excellent piece of work.

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