Sunday, 4 January 2009

Lupe Fiasco's Indie Band?

A couple of Lupe related things here:

First, a track from an MC named Killah Matriks, from his forthcoming mixtape 'Epic Failure': 'Failure'. Check his myspace out now.

And secondly, as legend tells, Lupe's new band: Japanese Cartoon. Thanks to SmokeYYY at for the heads up on this one (it's his fault if it's false):

Lupe Fiasco has alledgedly started a band described on his myspace page as Post Punk/Alternative/Indie, which pretty much sums it up. Supposedly, if it is him, Lupe puts on a faux-British accent for his latest mad project, check out the tracks here:

Japanese Cartoon - 'Army' (or here)
Japanese Cartoon - 'Heirplanes' (or here)

Here's the denial - but it's good press eh for a bit of a rubbish band?!


Anonymous said...

Will be interesting to see what he does in this 'band'.

Anonymous said...

how can i download the songs?

Certified Banger said...

Click on the names of the songs - they're links.

I don't think he'll do much with this band!!!

Anonymous said...

the myspace blog says it is NOT lupe fiasco. are you sure this is him? i just cant imagine him being into joy division

Jon Wolf said...

Lupe finances and produces the band, but he is still denying it is him singing.

Killah Matriks said...

YOOOO. This is Killah Matriks right here, props on posting my track up man! I really appreciate the love.