Wednesday, 9 September 2009

'30​,​000 Leagues Under the Scene' - 30KB (album review)

Once you've discovered what 30KB actually stands for on 'Sting' get ready for sarcastic and cynical lyrics such as "And Dr. Dre said... something his ghostwriter wrote" over some pretty hectic and bordering on strange production that comes across like Bomb Squad on illegal mind-altering substances - that's 'Welcome To Nothing'.

Continuing deeper into '30​,​000 Leagues Under the Scene' you'll understand why these guys were chosen to feature on 'On The Radar' - their brand of Hip Hop sticks fingers up at rap establishment and as a result is pretty freakin' unique.

'Toleracist 2008' is an accurate portrayal of a certain breed of bigots and the guitar-led beat is one of my favourites. 'NWW' featuring Living Larceny is a real nod to both Old Skool Hip Hop and Wild West films as well as a tribute to their particular point on the compass - North 'Wild' West. On other occasions ('such as 'Meet Is What I Like To Eet') the tracks and beats are laced with a dark, laconic sense of humour and a general lack of scruples. The album finishes up with 'Crewd Sons (Ghost In The Machine)' as previously heard on 'On The Radar Vol.4'.

'30​,​000 Leagues Under the Scene' is available now on bandcamp for a minimum of £3.50.

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