Monday, 21 September 2009

'Alphabetix Anonymous' - Alphabetix (EP review)

3 MC s and 1 DJ – a good combination. When one of the MCs is a female in possession of a very unique style (Angel S), one is a classic UK Hip Hop MC with a Yorkshire twist (MrRis) and the other possesses the nicest of timbres and bouncy flows (ABD) you’ve got the ingredients for some very original Hip Hop. Sir+ provides the welcome cuts.

‘Alphabetix Anonymous’ is half an hour of high energy rap (see ‘Bounce’ and ‘You Can’t Control’ for top examples of that), thinky but funky Hip Hop (the dope West Coast-ish ‘Time Waits For No Man’ and the reggae-tinged ‘Children’), real life stuff (‘Long Day’ and ‘I Know Something You Don’t Know’) and lyrical, metaphorical bombs (the southern gospel-ish ‘Asphyxiation’).

‘Alphabetix Anonymous’ by Alphabetix is available for pre-order over at Suspect Packages (on CD) or can be gotten at 30 Tonne Slug or Crackhouse Global as a mp3 download and is being released by their own 30 Tonne Slug records - heartily recommended. Get yourself to the launch event in Leeds which features appearances by Alphabetix and The IRS on Sunday 11th October.

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