Monday, 7 September 2009

Today's UK Hip Hop Free Stuff - Sway, Diversion Tactics, Percy Filth and more

There's decent music and stuff coming at me from all directions so here's another one of those posts where you can download a few unrelated tracks:

Just got Sway's version of 'Run This Town' - the Jay-Z track that most MCs are now riding. Sway does as well as you'd expect him to. In other Sway/Jay-Z news here's Sway chatting about Al Shux, Sway's boy who produced 'Little Derek', 'Products', 'Back 4 U' and 'Saturday Night Hustle', who has just produced 'Empire State Of Mind' on Jay-Z's 'Blueprint 3'. Oh, and here's the behind the scenes video for his latest single 'Mercedes Benz'.

Ed Strong of the almighty and underrated IRS crew sent me a new track from them this morning. It's called 'Cold City', it's produced by Wizard and is a return to form for the boys - it's got me reaching for their 2007 album 'The World Is Theirs'. Check the interview I did with them back then. Look out for a mixtape soon.

I can also point you towards some free clean downloads of Diversion Tactics forthcoming 12" single. 'Can't Swim' is produced by Zygote and Jazz T and 'Back To School' is produced by J-Zone! Both tracks are beasts and great examples of proper entertaining Hip Hop - watch how you relate to 'Back To School'!

I also picked up this track by Mr. Jinx over at his bandcamp page via the UKHH forum. The track is called 'Ha Ha Ha' and Mr. Jinx appears to be Scotlandish and may possibly be on Scotland Yard Recordings. Also, here's one of those youtube video things for his track 'It's Coming'.

You've probably heard this by now but Percy Filth dropped this little freebie of a beat on Twitter and I'm really feeling it so here it is: 'At The End Of The Day' - could by many a footballer's theme song.

Organix have dropped part 5 of their series and this time the topic is bad experiences and it features Mal, Scrabble, Dweller, Pez, Diligent, Fingers, T.A.D and Trick.

Here's a track by 'On The Radar' artist, Miss Tofelees. It's called 'Move', it features Kats, Domer and Ryan O'neil and is going to be on 'Almost Fameless Mixtape Vol.4', which will be released September 27th, as well as the Almost Fameless Mixtape UK Edition, which will feature a few previously released and unreleased tracks by Miss Tofelees and Jone$y including collaborations with several UK emcees (some of whom I've featured on Certified Banger) and other UK producers.

Lastly, here's a few tracks from newcomer Naturekid. You've got 'I Like Getting High', which is what it sounds like it is, (can anyone tell me which other song shares the sample?) there's 'Coolin'' which is actually by singer Terrence Mas featuring Naturekid and there's 'Bring Me Down' which features a bloke apparently called Crazy. See what you think peepholes.

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