Wednesday, 9 September 2009

'Innovators (Nostalgically Speaking)' - Homecut (free download)

Go to Homecut's bandcamp page to buy the album name your price style and whilst you're there pick up a free download of 'Innovators (Nostalgically Speaking)' - my favourite track on the album.

'Innovators' has the funkiest feel of all the tracks and Testament drops some lovely chilled out, music production based lyrics such as "Yes it's scientific but it's all so spiritual/I breath in the analogue and breath out the digital/Til it sounds cool push the levels to the limits/I'm trying to give you love but I'll probably give you tinitus/Quantize my heartbeats so life syncopates/Plus a touch of reverb so you can tell it resonates".

Oh and listen out for Testament and Shlomo's beatboxed version of The Simpsons' theme tune done for the 20th Anniversary special of the cartoon show.

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