Monday, 7 September 2009

'Something For The Strive' - ReggiiMental (free download)

Allow me to recommend to you a free download - I know I do that a lot but I just thought I'd come polite. Certified Banger favourite Reggiimental has dropped a little freebie - well, not that little actually - this is a vast body of work.

It kicks off with the funky freshness of the 4th Front remix of 'Grimy Ill' - defo a good way to set things off. Things get a little more meloncholy for a few tracks before getting a bit Wu-ish on 'Study Of Business' (another 4th Front remix). 'Coolin'' featuring SonnyJim is really mellow but in a big way - it's like the chill out room in a club. Y'already know the track 'Get Away' from 'On The Radar Vol. 4' and it sounds just as good here. Reggii also has a go at Baby J's 'I'll Be Surprised' and 'Young, Gifted and Black' and things get beautiful with Kelakovski's beat on 'Thoughts'. Things continue with Reggiimental rocking over a variety of vibes - there's something for every mood here - a really great mixtape.

The mixtape features loads of his fellow Midlanders including Unfriendly Neighbours, T.L.G, Ras Supa, Gadget, Devas, Percy Filth and R2ThaBeats.

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