Saturday, 12 September 2009

'MoreFire' - Freyed Knot (album review)

'MoreFire' aka 'The Best Album You Can Get For a Quid... Ever!' is the sophomore album from Bradford Hip Hop band Freyed Knot.

Featuring real live instruments, two MCs and often a healthy smattering of beatboxing and cutting Freyed Knot combine Funk and Rock to a Hip Hop effect. Each track on 'MoreFire' contains a bag load of quotables and a whole host of good time feelings.

'SM58s' heads things up by way of introduction and 'Who Got The Funk' will have you singing along as ExP and JND continue to ensure you know what they're all about. 'FK! Charges For Photographs' is a hilarious and original concept summed up here: "I cahrge for my image if you charge for the pictures". 'You Lot' is probably my favourite track on the album - another sing-a-long extravaganza.

'Wild West Yorkshire' and 'Shires Of York' are sequenced perfectly to make sure you know where on the map the band are coming from. 'What We're About', 'Will To Live' and 'T'Urban' serve to pinpoint where they're coming from philosphically - the second track being a comedic take on the 'urban' music scene. 'British Blues' is "Freyed Knot minus the band" and sees ExP and JND drop sense about this country of ours. Dr.Dot's 'Discolexia' featuring the Freyed Knot MCs finishes things off on a high.

With 40 minutes of music 'MoreFire' is a fast and furious and thoroughly enjoyable disc and at only £1 (£1.50 delivered) you'd be raving mad not to get a copy. It's out now on Sinoptic Music - get yours here. Check out 'You Lot' now on the Certified Banger Podcast.

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