Wednesday, 2 September 2009

'Don't Concentrate On The Finger' - Con (free download)

If you're like me (or at least have a similar music taste to mine, and you might just) then you'll probably be more likely to listen to a mixtape knowing that the pilfered beats were made by the likes of MF Doom, 9th Wonder and J Dilla. Then, when you realise the title refers to Bruce Lee's awesome quote from 'Enter The Dragon' and that he has robbed Run DMC of their logo, you will probably just want to download it - Confucius MC, or Con for short, is paying respect to the greats.

The 9 tracks on offer here are all really listenable-to and I'd defo recommend you go get it now! Con has got the lyrics to match the top notch beats - this ain't no wackness.

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