Wednesday, 16 September 2009

'On The Radar' Artist Highlight: Delusionists Interview

"...humans aren't one dimensional, so music should reflect that."

After initially impressing me with their debut EP (which then went on to get a good review in HHC), then serving up a hot exclusive for 'On The Radar Vol. 4' and just generally having something going for themselves I had to get the inside info on this fresh UK Hip Hop duo:

Certified Banger: Can you tell us your necessary background details so we can build on basics for the rest of the interview? For example: who you are, projects you have worked on, people you have worked with.

Ben Black: Ben Black aka Beanz aka that rapper/producer out of Delusionists. We dropped our debut EP 'The Prolusion' earlier this year, which was a strictly in-house production. Off the strength of that we're starting to link with some other heads so we've got a few remixes and collabos bubbling beneath the surface... Some of it has come off the back of being on OTR4 so big up to Certified Banger for that!

Click here to read the rest of the interview.

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