Thursday, 10 September 2009

'Jamaica'/'Fly Away' - Jimmy Screech (review)

Jimmy Screech dropped his single 'Jamaica'/'Fly Away' this week and it's a bit of a banger.

Combining Hip Hop, Reggae and even the new obsession for Pop-orientated Bassline (but don't think this is bad) into one track 'Jamaica' will have you wishing for a holiday as Jimmy compares his London life to the beaches of his parents land - a real feel good track with the possibility of appealing to the masses.

'Fly Away' continues the vibe and whilst being the weaker of the two tracks (it's a little too Sean Paul) it's still a pretty big party track - I'd rather get down to this on a Friday night than the new Black Eyed Peas track.

I'd recommend a download - I did it so you should too. Listen to 'Jamaica' now on the Certified Banger Podcast.

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