Wednesday, 30 September 2009

'Extended Play' - Lazy Habits (EP review)

Lazy Habits have dropped an interim EP to keep fans going until they drop their album. The release, entitled 'Extended Play' is a collection of their best tunes so far.

The EP launches with the excellent 'Even Out' and 'Please People' - two tracks with A LOT of individuality. 'Wagon' and 'Lazy' are more minimalist and display the band's darker side - as these are older tracks, this may be something the band are departing from. 'Lazy' has a very jazz-like chorus riff.

'Fallen' is funky with vicious raps and a very chilled chorus whereas 'Sanity For Sanctuary' is almost dubby and certainly paronoid. 'Big Top' is a live Hip Hop band version of a circus, complete with cuts, brass and raps. 'On My Way' is the EP closer - it sees the MCs experimenting with a rapidfire spoken word style which has probably been dropped for the more rhythmical Hip Hop stylings of their later material. 'Extended Play' also has one of those secret tracks - a concept rap based around initials and acronyms.

The EP is a great catch up on the evolution of the band and whilst the newer stuff is of a greater quality the older material is definitely worth a listen. There are limited copies of this so be quick. Hit them up at their website for a copy.

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