Saturday, 12 September 2009

'A Day In The Life' - One Wish & Stereotype (review)

Recorded in 7 days - a track a day, 'A Day In The Life' is just that. One Wish and Stereotype are the Cambridgians behind it; MC and producer respectively.

Maybe it was their focused approach to the project or maybe they're just a couple of dope dudes, but whichever statement is the explanation the fact remains that this release is good stuff. To quote One Wish, the duo make "...the most playful Hip Hop" and everyone needs a bit of that.

I could name each track and write about its merits but all I'll say is that the range of upbeat production and the lighthearted approach to lyricism is a breath of fresh air - the type of music I'm always in the mood for.

'A Day In The Life' is out on November 5th and will be available from itunes - go get it then. Check out 'Mic Chek' right now on the Certified Banger Podcast.

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