Tuesday, 15 September 2009

'Free: AM/ To: AM' - Obba Supa (review)

If you like your UK Hip Hop jazzy, offbeat and leftfield then check out Obba Supa's epic 'Free: AM/To: AM'. Hey! Zeus and Teknical Development are the producer and MC behind this LP.

Coming across like a spaced out version of Jehst's earlier work, 'Free: AM/To:AM' will get you wondering - what's it all about? Abstract is the order of the day here. Even if this doesn't sound like your thing rest assured there is some dope production and deep lyrics here - enough for any serious UK Hip Hop head to get their teeth into. The beat tape style will also appeal to the likes of Dilla fans.

You can get yourself a copy here, grab one, sit back and chilllll.

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