Friday, 25 September 2009

'White Noize' - Orphans Of Cush (review)

So whilst everyone who cares (apart from me) is out at the launch party for ‘White Noize’ I thought I’d join them in spirit by rocking the promo again and writing my review:

With the MCs’ words wrapping so snugly round the beats you’d be forgiven for mistaking this for an album proper. In fact ‘White Noize’ is a mixtape, or as M9 says, it’s a “project”. With beats from the likes of RZA, The Creators, Lord Finesse, Havoc and Mathematics you already know what sound to expect.

The combination of Kyza, M9, Cyrus Malachi and Masikah is successful with Kyza displaying diversity when compared to his recent ‘S.O.S.’ mixtape. An unexplainable pull is built in to the styles of the crew and if this release anything like the Triple Darkness LP, that magnetism will draw you to play the CD again and again.

Lyricism is rife, rendering the usual UK street commentary gleaming and ultimately very listenable. I’m unsure of some of the racial references and inferences, for example the title track seems to solely blame a white government for the struggles in black communities. Whilst I’m sure they play a part, and I know that it’s important for these issues to be discussed, I’m not sure this kind of attitude helps to solve problems. Whether you agree with all their viewpoints or not, there’s no denying this is dope Hip Hop that deserves the anticipation it has reaped.

‘White Noize’ is pre-orderable now at Suspect Packages and is released on October 2nd – go get yours now.

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