Wednesday, 2 September 2009

'On The Radar Vol. 4' Artist Highlight: Lunar C

One of West Yorkshire's, and indeed the UK's, most promising MCs is Lunar C. Period. Check out what he has to say for himself:

Certified Banger: Can you tell us your necessary background details so we can build on basics for the rest of the interview?

Lunar C: Yoyoyo, I’m Lunar C - an MC from Missing People and Sinoptic Crew.

CB: What are your current or upcoming projects? ie albums, singles, tours, guest spots…

LC: I’ve been working on quite a lot of projects this year. A few months ago me and Missing People released our debut EP ‘Glossop View’. I’m just about to release my debut solo project ‘The Lunar CD’ which should be out in the next two months and will only cost £1; so get your squid out! It’s gonna have roughly 20 of my best tracks on there and some sick features from West Yorkshire’s finest MCs and producers.

Also the whole Sinoptic crew (Lunar C, EXP, JND, Angry Nik, WYdeboi, Neverlearn and Angela Bellis) have got ‘The Badger Sex mixtape‘ coming in the next few months too which is just gonna be all of us killing it.

This year I’ve featured on JND’s ‘Working Classics’, Mastermind’s ‘Cut n Paste mixtape’ and I’ve just laid a verse down on a remix of Wu-Tang’s ‘Criminology’ track which is gonna be 6 MC’s: Me, Jack Flash, J Simple, Joker Starr, Spida Lee and Gen for Gen’s ‘Forbidden Jutsu mixtape’. Me and WYdeboi have been collaborating with a sick beatmaker from Leeds called Bridgens. I’ve collabed with No Pretense, Adverse and Immranimal from Shedmen, Leady and maybe more which I might have forgotten.

I’ve also got a crew of about 6 14 and 15 year old MCs that I’m kinda mentoring and they know all about Hip Hop which is rare for young UK MCs these days. I truly believe they are gonna shock alot of people with the skill they already have - they freestyle and write everyday and are about to do their first track soon so look out for Kontraband, Kid Nem and Sinister!

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