Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Bonafide Magazine Issue 1

Today I came home to issues 1 and 2 of Bonafide's most rockingest magazine. Bonafide may well just exist to sate my post-print HHC thirst for Hip Hop journalism and I salute them. Having just trialed them as on-the-bog reading material I can confirm that the results are pleasing.

Issue 1 has a green theme (just in its colour) and contains goodness concerning Mystro, Kool Keith, One Self, DJ Woody and a whole host of throwback rap in a section entitled 'The Classics'. On the non-Hip Hop side of things there is artwork from Vaughn Bode and Ehquestionmark?. There's also a load of dope articles about Lex records, dressing as 50 Cent on a budget and Nelly's "hectic schedule of putting out a different piece of floppy toss every fortnight...".

Sounds good doesn't it? If your answer is yes then get to their website and order yours quickly - there's only one box of them left! If your answer is no then, err, don't... or do; my description hasn't done it justice. Support the printed word - computer screens kill eyes.

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