Thursday, 10 September 2009

'Spinnin'' - Speech Debelle (single review)

Now seems as good a time as ever to stick up a review of Mercury winner Speech Debelle's latest single 'Spinnin'' taken from her 'Speech Therapy' LP on Big Dada.

I'm really into the live Hip Hop sound right now and Speech's poppy version of that is just the light hearted jam I need at the end of a day. This, I can guarantee, is going to be all on the radio now and it deserves to be. I know some heads will hate, but I don't get what's to hate - MCs like this have formed Hip Hop's history and Speech is only continuing that tradition.

Remixes come courtesy of Donae'o (Bashment version - not that inspiring), DVA (Dubstep which once it kicks off is pretty heavy) and Jammer (sounds a bit like that Lloyds TSB advert and features Camelot - quite silly but fun).

'Spinnin'' is available now on the album or soon as a single with its remixes.

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