Saturday, 26 September 2009

'Raw Cuts' - Figgaz Of Speech (review)

Based in Doncaster, Figgaz of Speech seems to be a crew made up of Disorderly, G. Knowledge, Nayben, Parly B and Sassysquist – Cyber Ninja is the ‘executive producer’.

The first half of ‘Raw Cuts’ is digital age homage to the big beat rap music of the 80s – this might just be the way forward; not the first time I’ve thought that. Track 6, ‘New Order’, switches things up a little with a more 90s feel with it’s looming sound. ‘Inna Dis’ brings a raga vibe to the old skoolness – a nice combination. ‘Johnson’ is not worth a listen, unless you’re just plain crude but ‘Back Again’ restores faith to finish things off.

This is a proper mixtape (it’s mixed), which at 8 tracks long does not get boring. The CD comes with two radio edits – ‘New Order’ and ‘Back Again’. Their future releases would benefit from a few EQ tweaks on the muddy vocals but other wise the quality is good. ‘Raw Cuts’ can be gotten from the Just Cause Recordings website (myspace).

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HipHopFan said...

Just bought this from I tunes...

I loved it. A breath of fresh air from this Northern Crew

Cheers for the heads up on this one Certified Banger. Money well spent!