Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Speech Debelle Wins Mercury For 'Speech Therapy'

Seeing as Speech Debelle represented UK Hip Hop (haters, back down - she's British and she raps) last night and won the Mercury Music Prize for her album 'Speech Therapy' (making it the lowest selling album to win the prize ever), I thought I'd just put my thoughts up on here for y'all.

I'm glad Speech won - the album is innovative (it's on Big Dada so it's gotta be) and has a wide appeal - I only hope that wider audience will now be reached as a result of the winning (apparently her album sales have gone up 4000% since last night!). Well done I say!

The homie over at Jus Like Music has been on her for a good year now since her 7" 'Searching' came out. Check his review of that, his interview with her and his review of 'Speech Therapy' (which I still haven't reviewed but have jammed to a number of times!). Check out my coverage also.

Amazon have her album on sale at £3 for the mp3 download - go get it!

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