Tuesday, 8 September 2009

'An Audience With The Baron' - Yosh (EP review)

Sweatbox Sounds keep bringing out the quality and the secret to their success may well be their frugality with music releases - they drop short, sharp and snappy releases (see Vee Kay's 'The Audio Workout', Mr. Loop's 'The Bury All' and Rapskallions' new one 'Slicker Than A Bucket Of Snot') and don't throw music about like it's worthless.

Yosh's first EP is another fine example of this formula. At half an hour or 8 tracks short even Ritilin-takers can handle this one. With not a boring or bad track in earshot Yosh and Vee Kay (who produces all the tracks) bring the real Hip Hop from the land of Kent.

You may recognise 'The Siesta' from 'On The Radar' and it sounds just as fresh nestled amongst its mates. Yosh keeps the subjects varied and the rhyme style funky even on tracks like 'Synthia' - an intergalactic love story (think a UK Hip Hop version of 'Cosmic Girl'). If you're a RJD2 fan then you'll recognise the awesome sample on 'Back Home' and you'll jam to this one on repeat. 'Portrait of a People' takes a techy but serious look at people in the digital age.

'An Audience With The Baron' is available at Suspect Packages right now and I heartily recommend this release to you. Check out 'Back Home' now on the Certified Banger Podcast.

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