Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Free Willo Wispa, Black Milk, Yogi, Shade 1, Mr. Drastick, Squid Ninjaz Tracks

Some UK heat for y'alls:

New Black Milk dub by Willo Wispa - these two seem to be made for each other and the track 'Panda Pops' is just eased brilliance. Can't tell you much I'm looking forward to his forthcoming recorded and released output.

Yogi and Shade 1 have dropped 'We Aint Ya Typical', some west coast sounding ishmish, via Twitter - good stuff.

Mr. Drastick sent over a new track 'Nothing To Lose' which is labelled as a Sade remix - now that I can't vouch for (although I recognise her voice on the chorus) because I struggle to be a fan of hers - one of my Dad's favourites that I couldnt get with. Anyways, Drastick's track is pretty dope so sample it for yourself.

Chrome Kids dropped a load of Squid Ninjaz tings - a Stagga remix of Joe Blow's 'Hour Glass' and two Cervantis tracks - 'Supa Human' and 'Yellow Rocks'.

That's all for now thanks.

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