Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Suspect Packages Radio Show September

More Suspect Packages news - I'm currently locked onto Disorda's latest podcast - September's Suspect Packages Radio Show. It features newness from Tactical Thinking, Contact Play, Phoenix Da Icefire, Krate Krusaders, Crucifix, The Thunderclaps, Shameless, Wizard, Unfriendly Neighbours, JVF Clique, Foreign Beggars, Yosh, Danny Spice, Rapskallions, Alphabetix, Joe Blow, Orphans Of Cush, Redbeard, SonnyJim, Delusionists, MCM, Sigher The Gutter Snype and Monkey Sons. It's great to know that Disorda is constantly ahead of the game and that he'll always be supporting up-and-coming artists to the maximum.

Anyway, visit his blog for the tracklisting, visit his mail order site to buy some of these records and visit Sensei to download and listen to the show.

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