Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Ty, Wizard, Foreign Beggars, Diversion Tactics - Links and News

Ty is featuring all over the shop these days, and his latest feature is on The Beatmonkey's 'For The People' (which you can hear here at youtube). You can also buy it here with its lovely remixes at itunes.

Check out the new Cappo and Endemic track from Endemic's 'Needle Drop' EP out soon - it's on youtube.

Someone's also whacked up a whole host of rips from Wizard's 'Ear To The Beat' (Ramson Badbonez's 'Jammin On The Street' for example) on youtube - go listen then cop the CD from Suspect Packages - it's well worth your cash. Wizard also has just dropped his 'Spare Time Remixes Vol. 2' as a free download here.

Also on the itunes front: you can now get hold of Diversion Tactics' new single 'Can't Swim'/'Back To School' which features production from J-Zone.

Also on the Suspect Packages front (support them, they support our scene more than anyone): you can pre-order 'White Noize' by Orphans of Cush, 'United Colours of Beggatron' by Foreign Beggars and 'Alphabetix Anonymous' by Alphabetix - all worth gambling on for sure. LDZ's 'The Puppa Murc EP' is now available there too. Disorda also has news of a Dubbledge mixtape coming soon called 'One Inch Punch!' - sounds good.

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