Monday, 10 December 2007

9 Lives Clik in Leeds this week + more

If you're in Leeds, in need of Hip Hop and have a free night tomorrow (just free the night up) then get down to Trash (ex Mixing Tin next to Virgin (or whatever that freaky name is they've called it now) and JJB). Co-Exist, Dont Talk To Strangers and 9 Lives Clik are all performing and an irish band called Olympic Lifts (Indie Pop Hop) are headlining. It begins at 9 and finishes at 1, not too late for a Tuesday night is it? I can guarantee you a good show from 9 Lives and from what I hear DTTS put on a nice set on Friday night whilst I was outside interviewing The IRS (Stay tuned for that). Be ready to part with £2-£5 depending on how beautiful you are (not really, I guess it's child/student/adult/OAP prices).

If you can't make that one then be sure you make this one:

December the 13th, that's Thursday, Dr. Wu's is hosting it's last ever Hip Hop show. Back in 2000-2003 this night was regularly on there but it is unfortunately closing down. The first time I ever heard Cheif Wigz (of 9 Lives Clik) was there...I remembered that name. Sinical, Eliphino, Ephigy, Nine Lives, Double D Dagger are all on the bill and Chief Wigz is hosting too. There will be an open mic, 16 bar cypher for all other MC's. Be there cos it's free and it's nostalgic.

I'll also be bringing you a review of Cheif Wigz' new album/mixtape in the not too distant future!

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