Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Yea Big + Kid Static

Are you a fan of Parkour, fun Hip Hop and geeky producers getting chased by dogs? Of course you are! So watch this video you donkey!

Sorry for calling y'all donkeys, please don't stop reading for I would like to tell you about Yea Big + Kid Static. Yea Big (Pronounced 'Yay'...and, erm, 'Big') is a nerdy producer who makes beats that vaguely resemble Hip Hop. Kid Static is an MC who kindly makes Yea Big's beats a little less wonky and a little more Hip Hop with his rapping. Oooh, don't get me wrong, I love Yea's beats; they're cool and fun and happy. Their album, released last month on Jib Door is called (blink and you'll miss it) 'S/T'.

'Geek-Glitch-Hop' might sum up the sound of this album but so might 'Comic Book-alt-rap'. If that doesn't give you an idea then you're just going to have to listen to it aren't you? As you do I'll say these things:

- Some of the beats remind me of the Beastie Boys (a good thing in my books).
- Kid Static is a good MC who sometimes reminds me of De La Soul but with a different vocal tone.
- 'We've Built a Time Machine That Runs on Beats. We Shall Only Use it For Good.' is a great song title, possibly one of the best, if not it's definitely one of the longest.


Also check out Yea Big's mashup of the entire upcoming album HLLLYH by spaz-rock band The Mae Shi. Big's reinterpretation is entitled HLLLYEA. Big explains, “All of the material used to make the beats is off of HLLLYH, hence the punny title, HLLLYEA, which in hindsight will probably only further perpetuate the false notion that my name is pronounced ‘yeah’ instead of the correct pronunciation, ‘yea’”

Yea Big v.s The Mae Shi MP3: “RUN TO THE FACTS

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