Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Bashy - Black Boys remixes and video

One of the biggest tunes from this end of the year has got to be 'Black Boys' by Bashy. I've posted this track before but since then there has been an abundance of remixes and a video shoot. If you were to listen to all of the remixes you'd hear verses from the very cutting edge of UK Hip Hop and Grime. You could hear Ty, Wretch 32, Durrty Goodz, Skepta, Swiss, Sincere, Nolay, Chipmunk, Dynamite, Reggie Yates, Scorcher, Ghetto, J2K, Alaye, Big Narstie, Bigz, Mike GLC, Styla and more! Rumours of the inclusion of L.Man, Skinnyman, Klashnekoff and Lethal B are also flying around although I've not heard these ones yet!

According to Ed Strong of The IRS the video has been banned from MTV because it is apparently too racist. So it's focussed mainly on black role models but as a white person I don't feel like I'm being racially discriminated against. If I can say this, massive companies like MTV should be supporting stuff like this. Everyone is always complaining about the negative effect of 'Urban' music on the youth of our country. The basis of this song is that there are positive role models who aren't glamourising gun culture, drug peddling, misogyny and the like. Artists like this are who the youth need, it is ridiculous that they are banning this and still playing the Snoop vids, the G-Unit vids and the Dipset vids. Someone with absolutely no grip on reality must be in charge of the playlist at MTV. Is the word 'Black' still such a negative thing? Are ignorant people stilled scared of it?

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Bashy also features on the excellent remix of 'Punctuation' by Wretch 32 alongside Shameless and Scorcher. It's so good to see young UK blood doing something creative. UK artists, especially young up-and-coming ones are still relying too heavily on the street narrative, grimey life tales kind of lyrics. Punctuation is an innovative way for Bashy et al to say "I'm great". The very nature in which they do this supports their message; they are great because they have come up with concept and pulled it off very well. This is one of my favourite tracks this year full stop.

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Wretch 32 - Punctuation remix ft. Bashy, Shameless & Scorcher.mp3
Bashy - Black Boys remix ft. Durrty Goodz & Ty.mp3
Bashy - Black Boys remix ft. Wretch 32, Scorcher & Ghetto.mp3


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