Sunday, 30 December 2007

Happy New Year

Here I am, blogging from Brazil. Sorry if it seems like I fell off completely but I´ve been having a holiday, forgive me for that! I am flying back today and will be arriving in Britain tomorrow; New Years Eve. It seems best to post this up now so I don´t have to think about doing it as soon as I get back so apologies for the earliness.

Happy New Year Everyone!

To all my regular readers - thanks for the support. I didn´t think that this would get so big when I started it! Thanks to all the artists who have contributed music and interviews and the like; I hope my support counts.

This is Supar Novar´s track ´New Year Starting´and it´s got a real feel good, postive vibe. This tune will definitely see me through January as a favourite. It features Certified Banger favourite 10Shott, 2008 should be his year if everything goes to plan and he has more chan ce than anyone else to claim it. Support him; get the download of the first single, go to a show, buy the second single (but be prepared to be choked up, ´Tin Soldiers´is heart-rending stuff) and buy the album when it comes out. From what I know already I can´t see it being anything but my album of the year!

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