Sunday, 23 January 2011

Clarity - Over The Great Divide (Free Download)

Now here's some freeness you really should take advantage of. Barely 6 months after it was released on CD, Clarity has made his latest album, Over The Great Divide, available to download for free. Produced by Bad Habitz, who is one half of The Krate Krusaders, Clarity brings some paranoid, esoteric lyrics with a relentless flow throughout.

This only narrowly missed a spot on my 2010 UK Albums Of The Year list, so you'd be well advised to get your download on, here:

Or try before you buy(?) with the bandcamp player below:

In related news, Clarity and fellow Krate Krusaders collaborator Crucifix have a joint album coming soon, entitled Self Assembled Messiah, which promises to be well worth checking out when it drops.

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