Friday, 14 January 2011

Spee 69 - T.W.O.K. (Mixtape) (Review)

I reviewed this a while ago for another blog i do.


This is still on the go and if i do say so myself it is a great mixtape. Below is my thoughts on a few tracks and an over all summary of the mixtape as a whole.

Now im not going to go into all the tracks as it would take ages because i like to delve deep into the track and put alot of analysis on them so ima pick out 5 standout tracks which appealed to me the most.

Track 3 - How Can The Best Thing

An old skool west coast vibe specifically stolen from Ice Cube, and some battle based bars for you to sink your teeth into great track

Track 10 - In My Arms She Fell

I Loved this track and i will go as far as saying this is my favourite track, this track focuses on how he met his girlfriend and totally encapsulates the feeling and exact moods he was going through at the time, and then hits you with this "and by the way shes's got a massive rack" and continues on haha excellent. After all the feeling put into this track i listened to the nicely put together hook then waited for the next verse, it didn't appear but yet i didn't care because the beat was so good, i think the reason the verse wasn't there was to showcase the beat as its a banger.

that's why this is my favourite track from the whole mixtape

Track 18 - Something Different

havent heard spee doing this sort of thing before but he sticks to the beat like glue and it sounds good, adds his own flavour to it which i appreciate fully.

Ekoic jumps on the second part of this and i think suits the beat more, but overall a good track if maybe for a breather and different style.

Track 5 - I Make Moves

What can i say about this track, produced by Krate Krusaders one of my favourite beatmakers in the U.K at the moment mixed with spee lyrics that i enjoy greatly, he evens flips a little bitta spanish up in there too (if i knew what he said i would tell you).

overall the beat is banging and im sure a its a track that everyone can enjoy

Track 9 - A Little Bit Of Soul

Production by DJ Format one of Spee's close friends with a little introduction to the track this is a banger people and fuck it heres the video decide for yourself.

The Mixtape as a whole is a momentous effort by Spee and should be congratulated with at least a fiver (In my opinion and you have that option), luckily the cd is on sale for £3 (brilliant how things work out eh)

get it here.

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