Friday, 14 January 2011

Loudmouth Melvin & Pyro Bars

Loudmouth has been doing his thing for a while now. The first time he came to my attention was on the track 'name drop' a few years back which featured Loudmouth mentioning bare uk rappers names in bars. Rodney P and Skitz supported the tune and ive seen Loudmouths name crop up many a time since. He was also a member of Terra Danjas Aftershock collective at one point.

Anyway here is a new track from Loudmouth featuring Pyro Bars. The track is called 'Ice Viper' and is taken from a forthcoming collaboration project between the two called 'Freestyle Sessions'.

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AD - In fact, that 'Freestyle Sessions' project has dropped already. Check it out here:

Loudmouth Melvin & Pyro Barz-The Freestyle Sessions (Free Download)

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