Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Mentalist - Make you Proud

I took a while to get round to listening to this release which in hindsight was defiantly my loss. The release is free (much like most music output nowadays) but defiantly doesn’t have a throw away vibe to it. This is a fully finished full sounding project. Its always difficult to know what to call a ‘free download’ but for arguments sake and for how it made me feel Im going to refer to this as an album and a decent album at that.

From the start to the finish the beats are real strong. This is normally something that lets a lot of rappers down in my opinion. They have the bars and flows but the beat choice just doesn’t do them justice (like a lot of Nas tracks). However the beats don’t fail to impress on this. Production duties are split between Loudmouth Melvin and Knite 13 and Mentalist suits everything he rhymes over and brings interesting and thought evoking rhymes.

This is defiantly the UK rap that speaks to me. It’s not glorifying anything stupid; it’s not all crazy metaphors about death and the darkest most imaginative way to skin a cat and most importantly of all its honest. This is the way I think UK rap should be made. An honest narrative with wisdom without being preachy. That combined by some nice bravado and some concept tunes.

Pyro barz, Loudmouth and Skillit provide impressive guest verses and numerous singers show up on the hooks. If I have to make a criticism id have to say the hooks do sometimes let the songs down. Mentalist comes so strong I feel some of the hooks are a little disappointing. Perhaps he should have handled some himself. However saying that some of the sung hooks are very decent and carry the track well such as the uplifting track ‘Sacrifice’.

Basically this is a very solid release, a solid sounding album and well worth the minimal effort of clicking a link to download it. I feel this is the type of release that wont age with the current music trends and I could go back in a year or two and still find enjoyment in listening to. The hand 2 mouth camp is looking as strong as ever lately and if you have been sleeping on Mentalist (like I was) then wake up and download this.


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