Saturday, 13 October 2007

Back in the Day #4 - Trouble Funk - Drop the Bomb

Trouble Funk sometime recently with an engineer.

Trouble funk again so I won't bother you with the same old same old. I'll just tell you why I've posted this; because it's influential in Hop Hop. The Beasties sampled this on 'Car Thief' and DJ Skribble used the introduction on 'Everybody Come On' which Stanton Warriors mashed with Mr. Reds 'Can U Feel It' to create the radio friendly breaktastic 'Everybody Come On (Can U Feel It'.

Trouble Funk - Drop the Bomb

Beastie Boys - Car Thief (Thanks to DieMonster for that, I couldn't be bothered to upload it)

DJ Skribble - Everybody Come On

Stanton Warriors - Mr. Reds vs. DJ Skribble - Everybody Come On (Can U Feel It)


AaronM said...

Oh, that's where that's from!
Good lookin' out, Aidan.
Nice old school writeups.

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