Thursday, 18 October 2007

Simple Sample

The day I wrote the last 'Back in the Day' post (Trouble Funk - Drop the Bomb) I heard a track I'd not heard before. The track was 'Don't Push it Don't Force it' by Leon Hayward. This is the other track DJ Skribble sampled on the Busta Rhymes featuring 'Everybody Come On'. Check it out it is pure disco funk.

Also the other week I heard 'Dynomite' by Bazuka. If you remember the band Len (of 'Steal my Sunshine' fame), then you may remember their follow up single 'Cryptik Souls Crew'. That track was basically a replayed version of 'Dynomite' featuring raps by the bands members. This is also pure disco funk and you should also check it.

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