Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Go Tim, it's your (50th) Birthday

Understand how it's about to go down UK. My fiancee just dropped the bomb on me, the Westwood is 50 bomb! I knew he was old and have heard many myths about how old he actually is - well done Tim for maintaining the mysticality that surrounded the number of your years for so long. I can't believe he's 50, he is doing pretty well for himself, most middle ageds in broadcasting are well past their prime by now and have resorted to presenting generic channel 4 versions of BBC programs. Westwood is still well down with the kids innit, he's only a couple of years younger than my dad!

In ten years time, where will he be? Something inside of me is screaming 'Eurovision, Eurovision, please present Eurovision drunk like Wogan'. Apparently he is now moving to 1Xtra after the appauling decision to remove Rodney P and Skitz from their thrones. Wonder when he'll hit Radio 2?(I've already heard them playing 2Pac and US3 on there so it could be his time)

Anyway, he's had a good career, not a particularly popular career (I do think he is a bit of an idiot and most of the time I can't stand him) but he has repped UK Hip Hop (not so much now) and he has been shot (so he is as legendary as BIG, Pac, Jam Master Jay, Big L, Scott La Rock et al) and he does play hot tracks about seven times in a row and he does pimp cars out and he does get big rappers (whose records he only ever plays when they're on the show) to bow down and kiss his pinky ring; so it's not all bad is it?

Happy Birthday Big Dog.

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