Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Stuff and things

Alright Dawgs?

This is a post to say:

Thanks for your visits, we're now past 20,000 (Next landmark 100 posts)

I'm going to a Yorkshire Terrierz gig tonight courtesy of http://www.leedshiphopscene.co.uk/ so look out for a write up of that on this and that site.

Big up to http://www.xchannel.blogspot.com/ which is a new and most excellent aggregator for music blogs. Go add yourself if you're a blogger, it's upped my site visits. Cool.

Here's a cool blog about Graf, check the instructions for how to do a Throw up, might go practice in me cellar.

Here are couple of tunes for you to tide you over, get your fix of UK Hip Hop here:

Jehst - Nuke Proof Suit
Stig of the Dump - Ill Billys ft. Subliminal
The Brotherhood - One

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