Thursday, 25 October 2007

UK Exposure #1 - Skrein, Young Kof, Yungun, Verb T

>>Mission: To make people aware of some current UK Hip Hop artists through words and audio downloads<<

>>Commence Mission<<

Name: Skrein
From: North London
Record Label: Dented
Worked with: Foreign Beggars, DJ IQ, Shamless, Plan B, Verb T, Dubbledge & Stig of the Dump...
Other info: Has a mixtape out called 'The Eat Up' and is currently touring with Verb T & The Last Skeptik.
Sample Track: Where It All Started

Name: Young Kof
From: Liverpool
Record Label: URBeatz
Worked with: Nutty P, Logic, Lowkey, Alex Blood, Instinct, Karizma...
Other info: You can go to his myspace and download a whole mixtape for free.
Sample Track: 80's Baby (Calvin Harris Remix)

Name: Yungun
From: North London
Record Label: Silent Soundz
Worked with: Mr. Thing, Harry Love, LG & Lopez, Doc Brown, Tommy Evans, Jehst, Asaviour, Kyza...
Other info: Has an smooth relaxed voice, is very funny, also goes by the name of 'Essa' and is bringing out a new album called 'The Middle Man'.
Sample Track: Jacking 4 Breaks (With Mr. Thing)

Name: Verb T
From: South London
Record Label: Silent Soundz
Worked with: The Last Skeptik, Harry Love, ED O.G, Sway, Kyza, Jehst, Syanide, Kashmere, Karizma, Yungun, Ramson Badbonez...
Other info: Currently going by the name of Verb T100 (alongside Kashmere who called himself Kashmachine) and has a whole album with Harry Love and another with The Last Skeptik
Sample Track: March ft. Sway & Kyza (From 'The Broken Window' with The Last Skeptik)

To be continued...

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Tom said...

This is a quality idea, laying it out all nice and simples like.

I'm stealing the format!