Friday, 26 October 2007

Freshhhhhh (ish)

If you haven't already, go to Kid Acne's Website and try to work out how to get on the mailing list. If you do then you could get emails from him and I wont have to tell you what he says in them. Here's a sample:

"They asked me to paint a wall in Rough Trade East last month so i turned up with a couple of cans of paint and drew a picture. Someone decided to film it so now you can see it on You Tube. Who'd have thought watching paint dry would be so minty? Well Arty. Check it!"
Worth it eh? If you have been ignoring him so far, well, the time is up, you need to take notice. Oh and that's his picture up there and do watch that video for his kooky artwork. Ah what the haybales, I'ma put one on here:

Reet good. That's enough about him, let's do listen to something else now. This music isn't a secret or anything so don't think that I think that I'm magic or special for posting it, just have a listen and write me a nice comment about something because I miss getting comments.

Atmosphere have made a nice summery song for you to listen to. You may also like to bemoan the lack of a British summer this year (or the fact that it came and went at Easter) OR you may like to construct one of those false hazy day memories and pretend summer actually occured here. Nice anyway.

Still on a feel good vibe (Thanks to HHC for reviewing a thouroughly unsuitable track for a Hip Hop mag for bringing this one to my attention) is Andrew Thompson with his 60's sounding ditty 'In This Town'. Your mum will like it.

If you were Ed OG and you just had made a new crew and you needed someone to do a sing-song rap chorus and you didn't have enough dollars to get Nate Dogg or Cee-Lo, who would you get? Yeah you would, it's Devin the Dude who makes Special Teamz 'Long Time Coming' fun.

Big Shug is from the Gang Starr camp so it makes sense that DJ Premier would give him a few beats. This year he has and it sounds like this: Big Shug - Play it (download it then play it and it will sound like it should)

Modulok is from Canada and he makes moody but not angry far out alternative rap music. This one is called 'Jungle made of Glass'. Y Society also do a similar line of more leftfield underground Hip Hop. The MC is Insight and the beat maker is the superbly named Damu the Fudgemunk, yeah! They have a track full of almost wrong sounding, nearly clashing notes (and raps) called 'Never Off (On & On).

Future Cut have a done a remix/versus thingy with Fallacy (who I touched (no homo - I shook his hand really)the other week, how good?!)(I use alot of brackets don't I?)(Maybe I should go into shelving) I think the vs. means ft. but anyway its called 'Drug of Choice'.

Sorry the tracks aren't all id3 tagged up, I forgot to do them, do it yo' delf

Y Society - Never Off (on & on).mp3
Atmosphere - Sunshine.mp3
Modulok - Jungle made of Glass.mp3
Future Cut vs. Fallacy - Drug of Choice.mp3
Special Teamz - Long Time Coming ft Devin the Dude.mp3
Big Shug - Play it (DJ Premier).mp3
Andrew Thompson - In this Town.mp3


Tom said...

Y Society link isn't working.

Kid Acne is my new favourite artist, not that i had a previous one.

good beats too.

AaronM said...

Great picks. I'm not going to lie, I haven't checked here for a while.
I like that Y Society though.

Unknown said...

that andrew thompson is an absolute mad bastard. That song 'There must be some kind of misunderstanding' by him is mental.

I think this post on the subject of Kid Acne may have inspired me to upload Acne's OLD OLD albums that I bought years back.