Sunday, 21 October 2007

Stig of the Dump & Dr. Syntax @ New Bohemia

Missing a Beer & Rap night in Leeds would be akin to not attending my own birthday party, so I went. New Bohemia, a Leeds based club night (acclaimed by the barometer of all that is cool, The Guardian, as 'Musically Brilliant'), constantly create line-ups of marvellous artists to fill their bills. Twas them that put on the Task Force night I reviewed a couple of weeks back and their latest effort was just excellent.

Stepping into The Faversham felt like arriving to a home away from home. The people were looking fresh (dress wise, not in the sense that they were all nearly drunk) and the music was sounding more than welcoming. We got there just in time to get to the front and to establish our places a few minutes before the night's headliners hit the stage.

Accompanied by B-Boy stances Stiggy Smalls and Doc Synners made short work of introducing themselves and launched into their first track ('The Introduction' by Stig). The whole set was fast paced and included classics from both rappers; 'Fatty and Speccy' introduced us properly to the duo, 'Subcultures' was performed acapella and 'Tax utilised his guest spots on Foreign Beggars 'Glacial' and Tom Caruana's 'Straight Up' to maximum effect; he rocked the crowd. Stig didn't dissapoint either, his stage presence isn't just down to his size but rather the way he combines witticism and lyrcism clearly enough for all to hear him. 'Rhite Whino' provided the sing along chorus and double time raps (Syntax also proved he's nice with his fast raps too in acapella mode) and 'A dose of Godzilla Slang' brought the more hardcore beats and rhymes from both rappers.

The finale left me breathless with a nosebleed (thanks to the girl who gave me toilet paper for that and sorry to my bro and Wiz for getting my blood on them) and aching muscles the day after. Syntax and Stig casually proved that UK Hip Hop heads pretty much all like Rage Against The Machine by having their DJ throw on 'Killing in the Name of'.

After the staight up mentalist behaviour of all involved DJ's Noah and Kid Kanevil managed to calm things down a couple of notches whilst still keeping the place moving. Highlights were Jurassic 5's 'Swing Set' giving the opportunity for some alternative dancing and all the Hip Hop classics that make me dance like a dinosaur.

I've got to say thanks to Dr. Syntax and Stig of the Dump for being real down to earth guys who were willing to shake hands with adoring fans (me) and in Stig's case, to pause for a kodak moment with me (the picture came out rubbish, it was dark). Peace also to Eliphino, a truly nice guy.

If you are ever near Leeds, check New Bohemia's site to see what they have planned. If you like Hip Hop, Funk, Breaks, Jazz, Soul, Swing and all that goodness chances are you too will feel at home with them.

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Tom said...

I couldn't resist. Buy it!