Thursday, 6 August 2009

'17 Samurai Vol. 1' - VA - Kidkanevil (album review)

Featuring enough boundary blurring styles to please the real music fan as well as names to attract a disparate listenership the lastest release from the excellent First Word Records is '17 Samurai', an album of remixes of Kidkanevil tracks. True to Kidk's original design this selection of reworks will take you on a rollercoaster of emotion through unchartered soundscapes.

'17 Samurai Vol. 1' is too distracting as background music - the only thing to do is to don some Kidkanevil-esque headphones (preferably over a beanie and a hoody), find a darkened room and actually listen to this hour long audio spectacle.

This LP sees UK Hip Hop star Jehst take on the non-rap track 'Stomp' featuring Justin Percival's dulcet tones whereas Mr. Thing walks more familiar laid back Hip Hop territory on 'Def Certificate' featuring Jehst and Sir Smurf Lil' on vocals. DJ Vadim tackles 'When I Dig' featuring US rapper Blu with a handful of synths and a fresh outlook making the once percussion heavy 'Back Off Man, I'm a Scientist' album cut a new entity. TM Juke also offers his version of 'When I Dig'.

First Word's Andy H, genius live beatmaker Red and newcomers Airhead and Narrow P all tackle 'Tokyorkshire' each adding their own touches to great effect - in Andy H's case it's converted to jump up dubstep. 'Black Bug' is also a popular choice as base track with Leeds Hip Hop producer Eliphino, Natural Self and Michael Fakes all pitching in with their interpretation.

With most areas of modern electronic music utilised here this LP is noit limited in its appeal, OK, so the pop chart botherers won't get it but, secretly, that;s what we all want isn't it?

'17 Samurai Vol. 1' is out now on First Word Records and can be bought as a download or on CD.

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