Thursday, 6 August 2009

'Eat Good Records Compilation Volume 1' - VA (compilation review)

Right now Birmingham is putting a very convincing bid to be the new capital of UK Hip Hop and here's some proof: 'Eat Good Records Compilation Volume 1'. Featuring raps and beats from the whole crew this release is a real must have for any UK Hip Hop fan. Leading his soldiers into battle is one of last years most lauded MCs - SonnyJim, whose verses are consistently on point over the 7 tracks he features on.

Other raps come from Kosyne, TLG, Redbeard, English, RT and Professor D and then there's 'Planet Rasco' which features a whole host of artists too numerous to count (almost). Sivey, Shears, Kelakovski, Taharka, Wizard, Eyebs, R2ThaBeats, Percy Filth and others all provide flawlessly suitable beats.

SK brings a bit of leftfield comedy on the true to life 'Overtime' which is nestled right up with TLG and Ras Supa's 'Blacklist' - two tracks about money from the everyman's viewpoint. Elsewhere there's clever film title based lyrics, a story track whose main character is a bank note, a track about having a bad day and a Brummie love song.

In case you hadn't realised yet, the UK is so much bigger than London and it's time that everyone sat up and took notice of this country's pools of talent such as the Eat Good Records roster. 'Eat Good Records Compilation Volume 1' is available from Suspect Packages now for a ridiculously cheap price.

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