Friday, 14 August 2009

'Self Harmony Vol. 1' - DJ Rogue (free download)

Check out DJ Rogue's new mixtape which is hosted by Mistafire and features 13 of Bristol's finest MCs - Sirplus, C-Spillz (Koast, Mackie Skillz, C-Strike Z, Redskin, Shadz), B'Tol, Awkward, Project 13 (Chalk, Switch), Dribbla and Blunt.

The production, all by DJ Rogue, is a nice mix up of Reggae, Dubstep and Hip Hop and 'Self Harmony Vol. 1' is up for free download for you. If you're around Bristol and you can track him down you might even be able to get a CD version off him - track him down!

If you're into the Bristol Hip Hop scene then why not go join their forum 'Hijack Bristol' - it's full of good stuff like this.

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