Sunday, 23 August 2009

'The Man With No Shame' ft. Shameless - The Thunderclaps (free download)

Purveyors of one of last year's biggest UK Hip Hop club tracks The Thunderclaps are back. This time 'Judgement Day' MC Shameless takes centre stage on their next banger - 'The Man With No Shame'.

The production lives up once more to the name of it's creators and the Paddy Ragga Man drops his rhymes fiercely and without mincing any of his words - a seriously heavy track. At this rate this duo are gonna be big - people will want to hear this.

If you haven't already then I'd strongly advise you pick up a copy of Shamless's LP 'Smokers Die Younger' and the 12" of The Thunderclaps' 'Judgement Day' - two hard and related releases for you.

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