Wednesday, 12 August 2009

'Slicker Than A Bucket Of Snot' - Rapskallions (album review)

‘Slicker Than A Bucket Of Snot’ – yup, Rapskallions have a sense of humour but they take their craft seriously. It’s this combination that has resulted in 50 minutes of quality, often tongue in cheek Hip Hop. It’s clear MCs Slippa and Zoo Mark want you to enjoy this LP – it’s so accessible and the alienating features of many rap albums are absent.

Opener ‘Battleslang Galactica’ (Mr. Loop’s remix can be heard on ‘On The Radar Volume 4’) and ‘Sweatbox Cypher’ featuring Yosh and Cerbeus (and an annoyingly familiar sample) are fine examples of what the Rapskallions can do – humorous put downs, clever wordplay and cheeky self-bigging-up. It’s not just comedic punch lines that the boys do well. ‘Red Dress’ holds a couple of thoughtful tales of how men can lead women astray and ‘Dreamscape’ is a psychedelic foray into visions of the night.

Vee Kay handles the majority of the production although Mr. Loop, Wosk Master Astek and PG Tipps all get a track each. All the beats are finely crafted; if you’ve heard Vee Kay or Mr. Loop’s previous work then you know the sound and quality to expect. Mr. Loop’s ‘U.S.B.’ (not the version from his own album) explores the same sample as Dre’s ‘Xplosive’ and Vee Kay and Gut 1’s ‘Another Day’ beat revolves around a beautiful summery soul sample.

Don’t let the icky name put you off, this is some quality type UK Hip Hop and it’s out now on itunes although the good guys at the Sweatbox will be pressing up CDs later.

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