Thursday, 27 August 2009

'No Matter'/'Sweet and Sour' - Knew Jeru'slum & Miss Tofelees (free downloads)

Miss Tofelees + Johnny Alpha + Watson G =

Here are two new tracks from the combination of peeps in the above equation.

The first track is 'No Matter' by Knew Jeru'slum, so that's Johnny Alpha and Watson G on spits with nice production from Miss Tofelees. 'No Matter' is all about sticking at things despite trials and tribulations - something serious for you. This track is taken off their forthcoming LP 'Jerus and Gentiles' which will be released on Don't Talk To Strangers.

The second track's not so serious. This one is 'Sweet and Sour' by Johnny Alpha, featuring Watson G and produced by Miss Tofelees. If you're into Chinese food, or just food in general, get this track playing whilst you cook up a storm (or get on the phone to your local takeaway). 'Sweet And Sour' will feature on the Miss Tofelees album 'Mist Over Leeds' which will be out late 2009/early 2010.

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