Thursday, 13 August 2009

'Can't Hold Me' - Yogi (prod. by Asaviour) (free download)

Here's a new free tune from Yogi, produced by Asaviour - 'Can't Hold Me'

If you don't know Yogi then you need to go back. His debut album was 'Jamaica Child', released in 2001 and considered by some as a classic. His second album 'Bear Neccesities' was released in 2004. He has featured heavuly on Baby J's releases on great tracks such as 'F.T.P.', 'Black & White' and 'Let it Go' with Ty, Klashnekoff and Rukus. More recently, with fellow Midlands rappers Shade 1 and Rukus he formed Antourage and they released 'Ants Dem A Swarm'.

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