Monday, 10 August 2009

'Been So Many Places' - MCM (single review)

Former Caveman rapper MCM and UK Hip Hop record label Headcount Records are preparing for the release of MCM’s forthcoming (as yet unnamed) album by dropping heat to get you warmed up.

MCM, still sporting a non-stop rap style reminiscent of early 90s Britcore rap, makes sure that folk are looking forward to the LP with his tracks ‘Rhymes Equal Actual Life (R.E.A.L.)’ (available at Suspect Packages as a download) and the latest ‘Been So Many Places’. On the latter MCM handles production, cuts and lyrics making for a decidedly complete sounding track that brings a fresh twist to some old skool principles and techniques.

This welcome return of one of British rap’s pioneers will be available also as a download in September and a limited 12” is also slated for release. Keep your eyes peeled.

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