Thursday, 27 August 2009

'On The Radar Vol. 4' Artist Highlight: Leady

Having featured on 'On The Radar Volume 4' with his track 'Travelling Man' it was time that Leady got the Certified Banger interview treatment. See what he has to say for himself:

Certified Banger: Can you tell us your necessary background details so we can build on basics for the rest of the interview?

Leady: My name is Leady and I have featured on Mixtapes such as UK Runnings, HHB Radio Mixtapes, Certified Banger 'On The Radar', I have worked with the likes of Filthy Rich, JabbaThaKut, Beit Nun, Baron Samedi, Joe Gutta, Lunar C, WydeBoi, EXP, and plenty more.

CB: What are your current or upcoming projects?

L: Currently I'm working on my solo project 'Toxic Nonsense' as well starting possible joint projects with the likes of Manchester based Producer X-FIRE or Huddersfield producer Kegzi. Obviously I have a track featuring on the current Certified Banger 'On The Radar Vol.4'. Also I will be featuring on a project that will be released by E.L.D.E.R.S, a coalition of MCs from the states, Canada and the UK put together for working together, and promoting each other as well, so with that said, keep eyes open for the debut from E.L.D.E.R.S - 'The Black List'.

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